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Travel Consultations & Vaccinations

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals conducts thorough travel consultations, taking into account the specific destinations, duration of travel, and individual health histories. During these consultations, we offer personalized advice on travel-related health risks and provide recommendations for necessary vaccinations and preventive measures. Our clinic is equipped to administer a wide range of travel vaccines, including those for diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, and more.

TB Testing

Our experienced and certified healthcare professionals administer the TB skin test with precision and care. This test is a crucial component of our travel health services, especially for individuals planning international travel to regions where TB is prevalent. The procedure involves a small injection under the top layer of the skin, and after a specified time, our healthcare professionals carefully examine the injection site for any signs of a reaction.

Other Vaccinations

Our comprehensive vaccine services extend beyond travel-related immunizations, encompassing a wide range of non-travel vaccines and booster appointments including the RSV vaccine, Shingles vaccine and more

“I came here for a vaccine a few weeks ago, and had the best experience! There is a reason why they are so highly rated!.”

Jen Ell

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